Whatever architectural style you're considering, it can be built better with brick!

Your Home --The one place where you get to show the whole world who you are and what you stand for. And there's no better way to reflect your personality than with the natural timelessness and versatility of brick. With thousands of styles, shapes and colors to choose from, your options are truly unlimited. So you can easily turn any blueprint into a home that is uniquely your own, looks great in any setting and will never go out of style.

Shapes for Detailing

From elaborate rooflines and chimney tops to diverse window treatments, unusual brick shapes add the finishing touches and style to the appearance of brick structures. There are again almost a limitless variety of shapes to answer design needs, but they are generally divided into two categories: standard shapes and special shapes.

  • Standard Shapes include:
  • Windowsill Brick, Step Treads, Watertables (divert rainwater), Coping, Jack Arch, Keyed Arch. Internal and External Modified Angles
  • Special Shapes include:
  • Roman or Semi-Circular Arch, Circular Arch, Elliptical Arch, Segmental Arch, Internal Full Size and External Full Size Angle, and Date and Engraved Brick.

Brick Types

  • Face Brick
  • If it’s the antique look for residential construction or formal colors for architectural projects, our manufacturers have endless possibilities for you.
  • Handmade Brick:
  • The picture of classic, antique beauty, handmade brick uses colonial tradition of craftsmanship to create lasting beauty. Frequently used in historical restorations, handmade brick adds a characteristic warmth and flavor of history to any design. Each brick is hand moulded and then fired to provide the beautiful bisques and unique antique colors.
  • Pavers:
  • Brick Pavers are different from the brick used on house walls in that they are solid, without holes. The type of traffic on the paved area should be considered when choosing color. Light colored brick will show dirt and stains more than a darker colored brick. Color patterns -- using two or more different colors of brick to create patterns, can cover staining, wear, and act as a guide to traffic.
  • Glazed Brick:
  • Glazed brick is a beautiful building material that literally makes a building sparkle. Architects love glazed brick for this sparkle, for the wonderful range of glazed brick colors, for the broad range of sizes and for the wonderful glazed brick shapes.After the brick shape is formed, a glaze is applied to the brick that becomes an integral part of the unit during the firing process. The glaze is available in smooth, mottled or speckled finish and a broad range of colors.


Mortar is the glue that holds it all together. You want a mortar that is strong, consistent, workable, with high water-retention, plasticity and long life. Mortar also comes in colors which influence the overall appearance of a brick structure. With all this to consider, it's best to consult your brick professional for advice. Contact us at our showroom to see the wide selection of mortars in combination with brick colors.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone can be installed for a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Because manufactured stone is made of lightweight material it does not require a footing and can be used in many kinds of applications. Good quality stone veneer can be used on any structurally sound wall surface. It's light weight and quick adhesion allow for fast easy installation without additional footings or wall ties. It attaches permanently to the wall surface and is virtually maintenance-free.

These products are successfully used for both interiors and exteriors of homes & commercial buildings, landscape features, walls and paths. Just like natural stone, the colors are permanent and show no sign of undesirable weathering or color change. Adding manufactured stone defines entries, separates stories, accents an architectural feature or creates additional interest.


We stock a complete line of drywall, and drywall accessories for your residential or remodeling project, from the leading drywall manufacturers.


Your roof is a compliment in both color and texture to the design statement of your entire home. But more importantly, your roof is the single most effective element protecting structural integrity and lasting quality of your living spaces. At Cash, we understand both the aesthetic and practical considerations. Our showroom has many samples of materials, examples of how they look with our various other products and trained professionals to answer your questions and advise you as to your best roofing choice.